Alexis & Pups 39696-39703

3 Yrs Old/1-2 Weeks Old as of 8/8/23

Meet beautiful Alexis and her 7 pups! (39696-39703). Alexis and her babies were found at an abandoned property by animal control. Alexis is about 3 years old and currently about 51 lbs. Her pups are 1 week old as of 8/14/23. They are Adele-white female, Adrianna-white female, Alberto-white male, Alex-white male, Arabella-brindle/wht female, Ariel-dilute brindle/wht female, & Alton-brown/blk male. At the Bainbridge, Ga shelter. 1-229-246-0101. UPDATE: Alexis is super sweet and friendly. Her 3 surviving pups are 7 weeks old as of 9/20/23. Adele, Arabella and Ariel are too cute and playful!