Bainbridge Decatur County Humane Society

Bo Bo

This handsome brindle fellow was turned in when his owner no longer wanted him. He's about 6 years old.

Male Approximate Age - 6 years ID - 26459


This cute little girl (13 pounds) was picked up roaming by animal control. She's a little shy right now, but we will work on that. More info to follow.

Female Approximate Age - 2 years ID - 26490


Tall dark and handsome, yep that's Burno. Turned in when his owner no longer wanted him, he's ready for his do over ASAP. He is heartworm positive and has been started on slow kill treatment. MORE pics to follow.

Male Approximate Age - 10 years ID - 26458


These cuties came to us when a good Samaritan saw furniture dumped on her road and the puppies tossed with it. They are all precious ready for a forever home! 4 Females. 3 Males. Nessa-F-ADOPTED.brown/blk. Natasha-F-brown/blk/tan. Nanette-F-ADOPTED blk/brindle. Naomi-F-wt/blk. Norman-M-blk/tan/white. Nebo-M-tan. Ned-M-tan/white.

Female Approximate Age - 10-12 Weeks ID - 26472-78

Mae MOM, Maddie babe

Picked up by animal control, this beautiful mom has had "lots" of pups in her lifetime. That's all behind her now, and cute little Maddie is about 6 weeks old.

Female Approximate Age - 1 year mom, babe 6 weeks ID - 26449-0-(51babe)


Reggie was brought in by a good Samaritan. He is very thin (42 lbs), but we are working on that. He has the sweetest personality and constantly wags his tail! Come meet him today!

Male Approximate Age - 1 Yr ID - 26471

Sammy and Sully

These cute pups were found by a good Samaritan. There are two brother and a sister (that will be posted later). The are about 12 weeks old. Sully has the black muzzle. 26455

Male Approximate Age - 3 months ID - 26454-55

Harper MOM, 7 pups

This sweet family was picked up by County Animal control. Mom is very thin and tired taking care of SEVEN babes, that are about 5 weeks old. Five boys and 2 girls. More pics to follow. Five are black and white, two choc and white.

Female Approximate Age - Mom 1, pups 5 weeks ID - 26460-69

Angel Woopie

This adorable girl is ready to be your Valentine, and to start her NEW life "do-over". She has been living a pretty neglected life, but is loving and deserving of so much more! She is 15 pounds and is heartworm positive. Slow kill treatment has been started. UPDATE: She has been treated for her heartworms thanks to a generous donor!!!

Female Approximate Age - 6 years ID - 26457

Latisha & Martina-adopted

Latisha and Martina were found under an unoccupied home. They are a little timid at this point, but sweet! They need an understanding new home that will give them the good life! Marina-blonde. Latisha-black

Female Approximate Age - 10 Months ID - 26443-44


Don't let that innocent cute face fool you, this little fellow is one live wire! Needs understanding new best friend. Picked up roaming, if not reclaimed by 1/19 applications will be taken. Must have fenced yard and home visit on all bulldog adoptions. He is unavailable at this particular time.

Male Approximate Age - 8 weeks ID - 26428

Lucy and Ethel

Do you know us? These extra cute girls were found roaming by a good Samaritan. If not reclaimed by 1/20 applications will be taken. Lucy - red, Ethel black and white.

Female Approximate Age - 5-6 months ID - 26434-35


Poor Cookie was spotted limping around the Walmart parking lot. Two good Samaritans picked her up and brought her to us. She has a foot that is going to require medical care and she is heartworm positive and has been started on slow-kill treatment. She is so wonderful and sweet and we want to see her find her happily ever after! UPDATE: Cookie has had her leg removed and is recovering nicely.

Female Approximate Age - 5-7 Yrs ID - 26421


This adorable little livewire is ready get out of the shelter and into a forever home! She has been here since she was a baby and needs to be shown how wonderful life with a family can be!

Female Approximate Age - 6 Months ID - 25596


Animal control found this darling little girl roaming around. She is so friendly and happy and will make such a wonderful companion for a lucky new owner!

Female Approximate Age - 11 Months ID - 26335


The T-pups want everyone to PLEASE spay and neuter their pets! They are precious and need new homes to grow up in! There are 4 males and 4 females. The females-Thea(white), Tiana(black/white), Thora(white/black head, smallest), Tessa(white/light brown). The males-Tate(white/blk/brown)-unavailable, Tex(white/brown)-unavailable,Tegan(white), Thad(white). UPDATE-ONLY TESSA AND THORA LEFT!

Male Approximate Age - 8 Weeks ID - 26352-59


Sweet Hal was hanging around City Hall and animal control gave him a ride to us. He is very shy right now and needs an understanding new family to love. We love his one eye that is 1/2 blue! Such a handsome guy!

Male Approximate Age - 6 Months ID - 26346


This handsome hound mix was picked up roaming by County animal control. He was a little shy when he came, but is coming out of his shell daily. He's got cute spotty feet. He loves to play ball too.

Male Approximate Age - 1-2 years old ID - 26317


Zale came in when her owners other dog started being aggressive towards her. She is sweet and loving, but absolutely terrified in the shelter setting. She needs a comforting new home asap!

Female Approximate Age - 2 Yrs ID - 26332

Fabio & Flora

Fabio and Flora are a fabulous brother and sister. They are under 25lbs and absolute sweethearts! Fiona has the black nose and Fabio has the pink nose.

Male Approximate Age - 8 Months ID - 25914-15


This cute fellow was picked up roaming by county animal control, and has not been reclaimed. Their loss! He's active and lively, and only about 35 pounds. He is already neutered, so adoption fee will be reduced with approved application.

Male Approximate Age - 1 year ID - 26280


Starke, formally Wilfred, was adopted back in May, but has been returned due to his owners no longer wanting him. He is hoping his next owners will realize that pets are part of the family for life!

Male Approximate Age - 8 Months ID - 26292


This pretty young lady was adopted and returned because she was too active. She's a happy girl with lots of energy, and hasn't had a lot of training. She'd love another try with an understanding owner. She's about 35 to 40 pounds.

Female Approximate Age - 1 year ID - 26279


Animal control brought this handsome guy in! He was found wandering around. He was looking for a great family to join!

Male Approximate Age - 1 Yr ID - 26261


Scarlett was brought to us when she wandered up to a good Samaritans home. She super friendly and needs a family that will keep her from ever having to roam again!

Female Approximate Age - 3-4 Yrs ID - 26161


Timmy got dumped at the shelter while we weren't open. He is very calm and gentle and loves a nice scratch on the head. He will be a wonderful pet for an appreciative and responsible new owner!

Male Approximate Age - 1 Yr ID - 26162


Weston is a smart and sweet boy! He has beautiful markings and a wonderful personality to match. He would make a great addition to a lucky family.

Male Approximate Age - 1-2 Yrs ID - 26134


Ivy came to us with an injured leg and a really bad home ear job. Despite that, she is as sweet as can be and doing much better. She is ready for a family that will treat her right!

Female Approximate Age - 1 Yr ID - 25911


This pretty little girl is active and has a lot of attitude. She's 16 pounds and fully grown. Her coat is extra pretty because she has little bit of brindle highlights! She doesn't like cats, so a no cat home would be needed.

Female Approximate Age - 1-2 years ID - 26025


This handsome low rider and been having a lot of fun in the outside pen! He's cute as can be, and is heartworm negative. He's not real fond of leashes just yet, so we are working on that.

Male Approximate Age - 1 year ID - 26011


Poor Petie was brought in when his parents split up. He is understandably fearful in his new surroundings and needs an understanding owner that will make him a part of the family permanently.

Male Approximate Age - 3 Yrs ID - 26013

Jagger & Jeri

We have had Jagger and Jeri for 2 months. They came form a terrible home situation and need some tlc. They have been in a crate for at least the last 2 years. They were very fearful and nervous, but after a lot of love they are coming around. They need a loving home ASAP! Jagger is male and about 5 yrs old and Jeri is a female about 2 yrs old.

Male Approximate Age - 5Yrs/2yrs ID - 25688-89


Abel is such a sweet-faced boy! We love his charming personality and his classic good looks! Come meet him today!

Male Approximate Age - 1 Yr ID - 25975


When Teddy's owner passed away, other family members kept him for awhile, but were moving and he had to come to the shelter. He's a sweet boy, who just needs a nice quiet place to retire to. He is neutered, current on vaccines and ready to GO. Teddy is in foster care so an appointment needs to be made to meet him.

Male Approximate Age - 10 years ID - 25973


This handsome boy was with us as a baby. He was adopted and returned because his elderly owner, has had surgery and he's a little too strong for her now. Soooo he's back with us and hoping for a do over asap.

Male Approximate Age - 1 year ID - 25974


This pretty young adult was turned in when her owner could no longer care for her. She's a sweet girl, who is also heartworm positive. She has been started on slow kill treatment.

Female Approximate Age - 2 years ID - 25940


Ariel was brought in by animal control when she was found roaming. She is very calm and sweet and if not reclaimed by 9/30/14, she will be available for adoption. She is heartworm positive and has been started on slow-kill prevention. UPDATE: Thanks to a generous donor...NO MORE heartworms for this lucky lady!

Female Approximate Age - 3 yrs ID - 25925


Bruce has been on the run for a long time and having to dig through trash just to get a meal. He is very friendly and deserves a home to give him his very own meals and love! He is heartworm positive and has been started on slow-kill treatment.

Male Approximate Age - 2 Yr ID - 25912


This amazingly handsome guy came in covered head-to-toe in fleas. After a good bath, a meal, and some love he was happy as can be! He needs a new home to continue his happiness in! UPDATE: Growing old in jail...needs loving home asap.

Male Approximate Age - 4 Months ID - 25808

Pal & Phillip

Pal (white/tan) and Phillip (black) are two brothers that were found roaming by animal control. Both are very friendly and calm. They deserve owners that will keep them contained and loved!

Male Approximate Age - 7 Months ID - 25810-11


Rosie is super friendly and has the most adorable underbite! We are in love with this face! She is extremely low heartworm positive and has been started on slow-kill treatment.

Female Approximate Age - 2 Yrs ID - 25745

Mills & Montel

These two boys were brought in by animal control. We love their pretty blonde coats and their loving personalities. These boys need someone to love! Montel -tan/white Mills-tan/blonde

Male Approximate Age - 9 Months ID - 25666-67


Wheat was found walking down Wheat Ave headed straight for Shotwell St traffic! He is very friendly and needs an owner that will keep him safe and loved always!

Male Approximate Age - 5Months ID - 25577

Candy Litter

UPDATE: ONLY TWO BK/WT FEMALES LEFT......When new homeowners began moving into their new house, they didn't realize it came with 7 puppies! They brought them to us and we are hoping to find wonderful homes for each. York-wt/blk male.ADOPTED Snickers-wt/blk male.ADOPTED Skittles rescue-wt/blk female(RESCUE). Baby Ruth-wt/blk female. Twix-blk/wt female. Sugar Baby-blk/wt female. Whopper rescue-blk/wt male.

Female Approximate Age - 5 Months ID - 25515-21


This handsome fellow is in serious need of a loving home soon.

Male Approximate Age - 8-9 months ID - 25465-66


Pretty Olivia was found roaming around by animal control. It seems she has had lots of babies in the past and we think its time she got to be somebody's baby herself! She is heartworm positive and has been started on slow kill treatment.

Female Approximate Age - 5-6 Yr ID - 25436


Elton has been with us since he was a pup and we were delighted he got adopted. Unfortunately, after only two nights in his new home, his owner realized their schedule left no time for him. He was a perfect gentleman while he was gone and needs someone that realizes a pet is time commitment! UPDATE: ALL vetting has been provided by the owner that could not keep him, even his Avid chip!!!

Male Approximate Age - 1 Yr ID - 25381


Phantom looks like he should be in a certain opera we love! He has wonderful markings and a wonderful personality. Adopt him and listen to music of the night together!

Male Approximate Age - 1 Yr ID - 25266


All 7 of these pups were brought in by a good samaritain. One was very close to being hit by a car! They are all in need of a safe and loving home! 2M/5F. Winston-25012(ADOPTED),M,Blk/Wt. Wilfred-25013,M,Wt/Grey.ADOPTED Whitney-25014,F,Blk/Wt. Winnie-25015,F,Blk/Wt(ADOPTED. Wendy-25016,F,Grey/Tan/Wt(ADOPTED). Willow-RESCUE 25017,F,Grey/Tan/Wt. Wynn-F,Grey/Tan/Wt. UPDATE-These babies are growing up in a shelter and that's not fair. We hope they find their new family soon! Whitney & Wynn left

Female Approximate Age - 8 Months ID - 25013-18

Sky--old timers special

Sky was brought in by animal control. He has a few scrapes from going under a fence, but those will be just fine! He is ready to find a forever home to finish growing in!

Male Approximate Age - 1 Yr ID - 24893


This handsome larger male was picked up roaming by County animal control. His owner didn't keep him home OR on heartworm prevention. He is positive and has been started on slow kill treatment.

Male Approximate Age - 1 to 2 years ID - 24755


Koda was adopted and then returned when the owners couldn't keep her contained. She was then adopted again and the owner let her get loose and didn't look for her. She needs a responsible owner that is going to keep her safe and loved!

Male Approximate Age - 2Yrs ID - 24740-24745

Valentino-old timers special

This handsome hound bulldog mix was brought to us by some good Samaritans. He's a very sweet boy, who is heartworm positive and has been started on slow kill prevention.

Male Approximate Age - 2 years ID - 24572


Apollo (formally Franklin) was adopted by a family with other dogs and very small children and it unfortunately didn't work out. There was never any accidents, but the family said they felt he would do better in a home where he didn't have to share so much attention. He needs a do-over with the right home!

Male Approximate Age - 1 Yr ID - 25279


Fred was turned in when his owner longer wanted him. He is about 2 years old. LOW heartworm positive and have been started on slow kill prevention.

Male Approximate Age - 3 years ID - 22064-65


This young lady came to us VERY pregnant, she is very sweet. Babies shouldn't be born in jail. IF you would like to foster her and babies till they are ready for adoption, please let us know. She is heartworm negative. UPDATE: This sweet lady needs a home of her own. Spayed, UTD on shots, NO ADOPTION FEE with approved applications. It's a WIN WIN! UPDATE: Elsa had 5 boys and 2 girls 3/13/12 All black, with some white markings. All now in foster care in Tallahassee, FL... UPDATE: shelter pups to rescue, NOW it's Elsa's turn!!! Elsa LOVE attention, she might need to be any only child.

Female Approximate Age - 4 years ID - 19753