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Ella & Elsa

Ella and Elsa were brought in by a good Samaritan. They will need purrfect homes to join! Ella is the buffy female and Elsa is the orange female.

Female Approximate Age - 8 weeks as of 10/16/17 ID - 31336-37

Tom Petty

This extra handsome fellow was picked up roaming by animal control. He's about 5-6 months with slightly longer hair. Neutered and ready to GO.

Male Approximate Age - 5-6 months ID - 31248

Gilbert, Gidget, Gretta

Gilbert, Gidget, Gretta were brought in by animal control when they were found roaming. They are sweet felines that deserve to find purrfect homes! Gilbert is the adult blk/wt. Gidget is the lighter orange kitten. Gretta is the darker orange kitten.

Male Approximate Age - 1Yr/6Weeks/4Weeks as of 10/10/17 ID - 31312-13


This pretty girl was brought in by animal control when they found her roaming. She is extra pretty and she is very friendly!

Female Approximate Age - 10-12 Weeks as of 10/9/17 ID - 31310


Meet the J-Kits! 4 boys and 2 girls. Jojo-M-orange/wt. Jimbo-M-blk/wt. Janice-F-tab/wt. Jolene-F-torbie. Jonah-M-orange. Jinks-M-tab/wt.

Male Approximate Age - 6 weeks as of 10/3/17 ID - 31274-79


This handsome guy was brought in by animal control. He is hoping that he can find the purrfect adopter to take him home and spend forever with!

Male Approximate Age - 4 months as of 9/26/17 ID - 31255


This is one lucky kitty! He was under one of the vehicles in the shelter parking lot and thank goodness the driver noticed him before moving the car! He is very handsome and friendly!

Male Approximate Age - 1Yr ID - 31242

Tam & Kits

Tam and her kittens were dumped by the river. They deserve much better! The kittens are Tess(adopted)-F-wt/torbi, Tyke(adopted)-M-orange/wt, Tank-M-light grey tabby, Thea ADOPTED-F-gray/wt.

Female Approximate Age - 1Yr/4Weeks as of 9/22/17 ID - 31236-40

Minnie, Mina, Morgan

These three were brought in by a good Samaritan. Minnie is the gray/wt female. Mina is the torbie female. Morgan(ADOPTED) is the blk/wt female.

Female Approximate Age - 6 months as of 9/20/17 ID - 31045-47

Harlow and H-kits

Harlow and her three kittens were brought in when animal control found them roaming. Harlow has longer hair and is a torbie. Harmony(ADOPTED) is the torbie female. Hal and Hanson are the gray/wt males.

Female Approximate Age - 1Yr/6-7Months as of 9/19/17 ID - 31225-28


This gorgeous girl was brought in by a good a Samaritan. She has very unique and pretty markings, longer fur, and a bobtail!

Female Approximate Age - 12 weeks as of 9/18/17 ID - 31108


Lanie was brought in by animal control when they found her roaming. She is a pretty girl with a great personality! She is currently at Petsense and waiting for you to stop in and meet her!

Female Approximate Age - 1-2 Yrs ID - 30442


Myra was brought to us by a good Samaritan. She is a gorgeous girl and friendly. She is expecting a litter of kittens. Moms shouldn't have to have their babies in the shelter, so we are hoping for a quiet foster home for her. She will do all the work, you just need to provide the love!

Female Approximate Age - 1-2Yrs ID - 31186

Frodo and Fran only

Meet the F-Kits! This adorable trio is on the lookout for homes to call their own. Frodo and Frankie ADOPTED are the tabby/white males and Fran is the black female.

Male Approximate Age - 11 weeks as of 9/5/17 ID - 31180-82


Sappy is a handsome boy that is looking for a purrfect new family to call his own! He has a gorgeous orange coat and would be a wonderful addition!

Male Approximate Age - 1 yr ID - 31125


Dia was brought in when animal control found her roaming. She is very pretty and has unique markings! She is hoping to have a spot in your home and your heart!

Female Approximate Age - 1 Yr ID - 31123


Dupree was brought in by animal control. He loves long naps and being treated like royalty. If you would be a purrfect candidate to give him the royal treatment, come in today to meet him!

Male Approximate Age - 6-8 months as of 8/22/17 ID - 31110

Squeaky =in foster

Sweet little Squeaky was brought in by a good Samaritan that found her behind their business. She is currently in foster care and will be ready in a few weeks for a family to call her own!

Female Approximate Age - 4 weeks as of 8/21/17 ID - 31087

Little Bit

Little Bit was brought in by animal control when they found him roaming. He is a beautiful guy and he can't wait to find a family to call his own!

Male Approximate Age - 6 months as of 8/14/17 ID - 31064

Miss Emily and Miss Mamie

When their elderly owner passed away these girls had to come to the shelter. They are very bonded and it would be AWESOME if they could stay together, but not required. Miss Emily has the white on the chest.

Female Approximate Age - 4-5 years ID - 31069-31070