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Meet the E-Kits! The older siblings (about 4 months) are: Eliza-F-Orange/Wt. Edith-F-Orange/Wt. Ella-F-Calico/Wt. Ellis-M-Orange/Wt. The younger siblings (about 2 months) are: Eva-F-Orange/Wt. Emma-F-Calico/Wt.

Female Approximate Age - 2-4Months as of 10/18/19 ID - 35391-95

Frank & Fran

Hello! We are Frank & Fran. We were found and brought in by a good Samaritan. We are super sweet and playful! Frank & Fran are approximately 8 weeks old as of 10/16/2019. If we are not reclaimed as of 10/19/2019, we will be available for adoption!

Female Approximate Age - 8 wk as of 10/16/219 ID - 35376--78


Hello! My name is Dalton and I was found wandering around in the road and was picked up by animal control. I am Super sweet and cuddly. I love giving kisses and if not reclaimed by 11/20/2019 I will be available for adoption.

Male Approximate Age - 7-9 months ID - 35388


Hi, I'm Syd! I was found by a good Samaritan and brought to the shelter. I'm an extra handsome little guy and would love to find a foster home to snuggle up in until I'm old enough to be adopted!

Male Approximate Age - 3 weeks as of 10/15/19 ID - 35370


Hi, I'm Matilda! I was brought in when my owner could no longer keep me! I'm a friendly girl with beautiful colors. Taco-bout a keeper!!

Female Approximate Age - 1-2 Yrs ID - 34683


Meet the Z-Kittens. They are in foster, so please call to make an appointment to meet them! Zach-M-Orange Tabby. Zoey-F-Torti/Wt. Zasu-M-Orange Tabby. Zodiac-F-Orange/Wt.

Male Approximate Age - 12-14 weeks as of 10/15/19 ID - 35213-16

C Kits

Meet the C Kits! The males are Capone-(Adopted)Tabby, Clyde-(Adopted)Tabby/Wt, Claude-Blk/Wt, Conrad-Tabby/Wt, & Clark-Tabby/Wt. The females are Calypso-Torbi & Catrina-Tabby.

Female Approximate Age - 8 weeks as of 10/9/19 ID - 35342-48

B- Kitts

Meet the B kittens! These cuties were brought in when their owner could no longer care for them. They are a little nervous in their new surroundings and will need some patience and TLC. Binx-M, tabby. Bram-M, tabby. Buffy-F, tabby.

Male Approximate Age - 6-8 weeks as of 10/10/2019 ID - 35337-39

Halley & Hazel

Meet Halley & Hazel! These beauties were brought in when their owner could no longer care for them. They are both sweet and playful. Halley- F. dilute tortie(more grey face) Hazel(rescue)-F, dilute torbie(orange face) Ask about our 2 for 1 special!

Female Approximate Age - 6 months as of 10/5/2019 ID - 313412-13


Hey guy's, I'm Sprite! Animal control found me roaming the city all alone. I'm not quite ready to be adopted but foster and rescue are welcome to inquire. I will be available for adoption on 11/11/2019.

Female Approximate Age - 2-3 weeks as of 9/30/2019 ID - 35287


Hey guy's, I'm Sylvester! A good Samaritan took care of me as long as they could while searching for my family. Do you know me? I'm a little shy adjusting to the shelter(more pics to come), but I'm very sweet and friendly. If I'm not reclaimed by 9/29/2019 I will be available for adoption.

Male Approximate Age - 1+ years ID - 35275

Bootsy & Family

Meet Bootsy and her lovely family! These gorgeous kitties were brought in when their owner could no longer care for them. Bootsy-F, buff/white, 5yrs. Bumble(adopted)-M, kitten, buff/white. Banzai(adopted)-M, kitten. Blossom(adopted)-F, kitten. Butterscotch-F, buff/white, 6yrs. Doodle Bug-F, buff/white, bobtailed, 3yrs. Tiny Bug-F, buff/white, no tail, 3 yrs.

Female Approximate Age - 8-12 weeks, 3yrs, 5yrs, 6 yrs as ID - 35260-66

Astrid & Kitts

Meet Astrid and her lovely babies! This cute family wandered up to a good Samaritan asking for help. They are all friendly and playful. Astrid(mom)-Tabby/white, 2yrs. Atticus-M, tabby/white. Artemis-M, tabby. Armani-(rescue)M, grey tabby. Apollo-M, tabby/white. Azul(rescue)-F, grey. Adonis-M, tabby/white. If they are not reclaimed by 9/26/2019 they will be available for adoption.

Male Approximate Age - 9 weeks, 2 yrs. as of 9/23/2019 ID - 35245-51

P- Cats

Meet the P cats! These cuties were brought in when their owner could no longer care for them. Prim-F, black/white, 1yr. Panda-M, black/white, 8-10mths. Presto-M, black/white, 8-10mnths. Picaso-M, grey/white, 8-10mnths.

Male Approximate Age - 8-10 months, 1 year as of 9/21/2 ID - 35238-41

Erica & Kitts

Meet Erica and her pretty babies! Erica was brought in by animal control and had a litter of kittens! They are not available for adoption at this time. Rescue and foster are welcome to inquire. Erica(mom)-F, torbie. Edison-M, orange tabby. Elliot-M, orange tabby. Elroy-M, tabby. Edith-F, tabby. Eliza-F, black/white. UPDATE-Erica, Elroy, & Eliza are left waiting for forever homes!

Male Approximate Age - 4 days, 1+ years as of 9/19/2019 ID - 35165 &35227-31


Hi, I'm Estelle. I was brought here when my owners could no longer keep me. I'm a pretty girl and would prefer to be your only cat. I'm currently in foster care, so please call to make an appointment to see me!

Female Approximate Age - 1year ID - 35076


Hi guy's, I'm Elana! Animal control found me roaming the city. I am very friendly and cuddly. I like to play and chase anything that moves. I love treats and being told what a pretty kitty I am. I'm hoping to find a human of my very own!

Female Approximate Age - 9 weeks as of 9/9/2019 ID - 34976


Hi there, I'm Robinson! A good Samaritan found me playing on their porch. I am very friendly guy that loves snuggles and headbutts! I'm a big fan of treats and playing chase the bugs! If I'm not reclaimed by 9/2/2019 I will be ready for my furever home.

Male Approximate Age - 10-12 weeks as of 8/30/2019 ID - 35138

N - Cats

Meet the N cats! These sweet kitties were found roaming the city by animal control. Nora(adopted)-F, tabby/white, 1+, very friendly and affectionate. Nutmeg(adopted)-F, tabby, 3 months. Nugget-F, grey tabby, 3 months. Both kittens are a little shy at first but they warm up quickly with chin rubs.

Female Approximate Age - 3 months, 1+ yrs as of 8/30/2019 ID - 35107-09


Hi guy's, I'm Hilary! Animal control found me roaming the county. I am very friendly and love attention and headbutts! I love to play and chase anything that moves. Sometimes I like to lounge in the sunshine. I am pawsitive I'll make the purrfect addition to your family!

Female Approximate Age - 1+ years ID - 35113